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IBM’s segment results were roughly on par with what analysts expected in its Cognitive Solutions group, which grew 1.4% and 2.2% in constant currency, an expected boost for its IBM Watson unit as it brings in more recurring revenue from scale. IBM’s consulting business called its Global Business Services, meanwhile, continued to bleed money with revenue of $4.1 billion, a 4.1% or 3.6% loss in constant currency about on par with anticipations. Infrastructure services grew modestly at 1.7% or 2.4% in CC, while the Systems group of hardware dropped 12.5% or 12.1% in CC at $2.5 billion. Why the drop-off in the stock despite the beat and Rometty declaring victory in the quarter? One explanation could be that revenue, despite beating estimates, continued to drop for the 19th consecutive quarter. Another possible reason could be the impact that one-time gains are having on keeping IBM posting earnings beats. IBM also benefited from a lower than expected tax rate to beat earnings, says Edward Jones analysts Bill Kreher. “While results benefited from a low tax rate and guidance was not meaningfully above the consensus view, we view weakness as a natural pause following price strength over the last year,” Kreher wrote FORBES on Thursday night. In a note before the earnings release, Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi noted that IBM’s full-year earnings beat was due in part to one-time gains in taxes and the sales of intellectual property that Sacconaghiestimated contributed about $1 billion in net income. Remove that from IBM’s yearly total, and the company would have missed by about $1.00 from its full year EPS guidance for 2016 of $13.50. Itwould be the third consecutive year in which IBM required one-time gains to meet guidance, the analyst wrote: “This suggests ongoing changes in the technology landscape continue to be more challenging than IBM appears to be estimating, or that IBM is not pivoting as quickly as it expected.” On a call with analysts after the earnings, IBM chief financial officer Martin Schroeter said the company had reached a margin “inflection point” in 2016.

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