selection interview

selection interview

Space Colonies Will Start Out Like the Wild West, Grow Family-Friendly Finke said the minimum viable human population is around 10,000. That doesn’t mean a young colony would require 10,000 people to be self-sustaining. readShe suggested instead that a small population with a large sample of frozen embryos and sperm samples would be less expensive to send than a larger population. Automation would also play a key role in a colony’s survival. While humans require resources to survive, robots and automatons could potentially do many of the jobs without the same demand. Click HereThe panel envisioned such machines playing a key role, particularly in early colonization. How dominant a part they play would depend a great deal on progress, Gannon said. “Robotics is a wild card here,” Gannon said. Does humanity dare? Contamination of other worlds would also be a significant concern in colonization. To close out the session, Hari asked the room if humans have the right to potentially damage another planet after proving to be such poor caretakers on Earth.

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