guidance for interview

30, contingent on completion of the necessary paperwork. She will be hired at a Masters Step 1 with a salary of $43,940 prorated. Casey has been working as a .8 FTE guidance counselor. it learned of Caseys plan to retire, administration recommended posting for the 1.0 FTE to make the position easier to fill and to allow for transition. Superintendent Jim Varichak said the hire date would allow time for Crotteau to shadow Casey before taking over. He said the district was fortunate to be able to fill the position mid-year. He also spoke of Cortteaus experience as a guidance counselor and at the elementary and high school level. HIgh School Principal Rich Aldrich, who was on the hiring committee, said Cortteau was the unanimous choice. He spoke of Cortteaus experience in education and preparing students with college readiness through the Upward Bound program. A motion by Director Bob Rahja to hire Cortteau was seconded by Director Pat Kestly and passed unanimously. Director Bob Vicari was absent.

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guidance for interview

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