job negotiation

job negotiation

Fujioka Lilley said Thrommans state of mind, the tense and prolonged nature of the standoff, and the surprise of OC canisters (pepper spray), which were deployed near the standoffs conclusion, caused the defendant to fire his weapon in response. She said those shots were never intended to harm anyone, despite exiting the residence toward police, who had it surrounded. According to the motion to dismiss, Detective Walter Ah Mow spoke with Coitos parents, Tim and Ann Coito, the day following the standoff, requesting they clean up the residence. task included removing OC canisters within the residence, which Ah Mow said his team had forgotten to collect. During the course of the cleanup, the Coitos picked up glass from a broken bathroom window. Officer Paul Bugado noted in his report of the incident that when police deployed OC canisters, he heard a gunshot and saw glass from the bathroom window being expelled outward, as if a bullet had passed through them. But Mr. and Mrs. medical interview consultantCoito said there was no glass in the yard outside the window, which the defense contended indicates that the glass was not broken by a bullet fired from Thrommans gun at police, but rather by an OC canister that was thrown by police through the window. The defense also said that none of the 286 crime scene photos accurately capture the distribution of OC canisters or broken glass at various points throughout the home, which could have spoken to the nature and catalyst of any gunshots Thromman may have fired as police moved into the residence. Mr.

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