Now that the internship is over, we have more extensive knowledge about the search. We may be a little biased, because we love the company we ended up at, but we think we can give some knowledge to the next crop of internship applicants. During our internship search, we came across several questions that are necessary to answer in order to know what you are getting out of your summer experience. Here is what we found: Do you want an internship? Or a job? http://www.feelfreemaldives.com/newnoramurray/2016/12/11/locating-advice-on-effective-interview-for-medicine-tacticsIf you are looking for a job as a college student exclusively for the summer season, presumably you are looking for a job that most people your age could do. Dont get us wrong, we loved our summers as camp counselors, but lets be honest, we cant be camp counselors for the rest of our lives. Our internships put us firmly in the professional realm where we plan to end up after college. http://lovechasehayes.redcarolinaparaguay.org/2016/08/07/an-in-depth-analysis-of-valuable-methods-of-selection-interviewThey are not only an important first step in our career paths, but can also be instrumental in figuring out paths you dont want as much as paths you do. We also found that we were more exposed to marketable skills and have experiences that are more applicable for our future careers.

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