Jeffrey Athey gets a congratulatory hug from his mother. A graduation ceremony was held Nacogdoches Memorial Health’s inpatient medical rehab center where his mother is staying. (Source: KTRE Staff) Cheryl Athey, a retired kindergarten teacher, has encouraged countless number of children in her life. Number one has always been her son, Jeffrey. additional reading Now the roles have changed. “You got this, said Jeffrey Athey, wo recently graduated from Angelina College. Cheryl learned this month she has inoperable brain aneurysms. The simplest of tasks are difficult, plus she’s lost most of her hearing. It’s just another life challenge she accepts willingly. “When I was 7 years old my mom had a brain tumor on her brain stem, and the doctors told us she wouldn’t make it, Jeff said. Cheryl went back to the classroom. All the while, the closeness between mother and son only grew. “My mom is a giving person and really doesn’t expect anything in return Jeff said before emotion made him speechless. When the words aren’t there, do something that comes from the heart.

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