For the past three years, physical science scores have been weak. Physical science covers topics such as force-in-motion and matter or in laymans terms physics, explained Gorry. Gorry relied the high percentage of students in the federal school lunch program to demonstrate the financial need of families in the county. Unfortunately, the grant will only train teachers from the third to eighth grade. We wrote the grant for kindergarten through 12th grade, (but) they have control over the money and how its used, she said. Already teachers have signed up to request the training. The Gila County superintendents office has received four such grants since 2011, said Gorry. Weve had grants every year except last year, said Gorry. Our county is successful at bringing in grants. Gorry said Gila Countys long-term success receiving grants makes it easier for the grant decision makers to trust that the money will be used effectively, because Gorry can show results. Take Rim Country Middle School teacher Nicole Ward.

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uMotif’s ‘100 for Parkinson’s’ observational study is now the world’s largest Bring Your Own Device study, with over 4,200 participants in the UK and USA capturing millions of research data points, and validating the platform in a multi-national study. Both companies are already working extensively with multinational and small pharmaceutical and device companies to support commercial product development in Parkinson’s and other indications. Recognizing the increasing needs of commercial sponsors for streamlined and high quality trial data collection, including both objective and patient-reported measures, Global Kinetics and uMotif have successfully brought together their complementary technologies into a single platform for Parkinson’s trials. Global Kinetics President and CEO Timothy Still said: “This exciting partnership with uMotif represents a significant strategic move for our company alongside our fast growing clinical product for routine management of Parkinson’s disease. Responding to the needs of commercial sponsors for high quality data and systems to support both traditional and innovative trial designs, we have developed an unparalleled integrated offer with uMotif. I am confident that this partnership will provide a useful tool for companies and researchers working to develop new therapies, disease modifying treatments and even a cure for Parkinson’s.” Bruce Hellman, CEO of uMotif said: “The past few years have seen rapid growth in the use of the uMotif platform, chosen by major world-leading clients and partners to capture high quality patient-reported data for global research projects and trials. Global Kinetics are natural partners for uMotif, bringing a clinically validated, regulator approved system for objective measurement that complements our platform beautifully.” The Global Kinetics and uMotif Parkinson’s platform is now available globally for all phases of Parkinson’s trials. For commercial sponsors interested in using the Global Kinetics and uMotif Parkinson’s platform please contact or Follow updates from Global Kinetics Corporation via the company LinkedIn page: About Global Kinetics Corporation Global Kinetics is a commercial-stage digital health company revolutionizing the management of Parkinson’s disease by providing the first continuous and objective measurement of patients’ symptoms in everyday environments. The company’s Personal KinetiGraph (PKG) is a patient-friendly, algorithm-based system that records body movements and other symptoms over the course of many days and creates data-driven reports that empower more personalized treatment and management decisionswith the goal of leading to a higher quality of life for patients.

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Schedle classes based on availability of classrooms, equipment, or instructors. For more information, contact Jackie Tijerina at important link, or call her at 812-855-6508. They accomplish much of their work through teams. Communicating with Persons Outside Organization — Communicating with people outside the organization, representing the organization to customers, the public, government, and other external sources. The candidate will also lead Training delivery, both classroom and web based training activities. Monitor training costs and prepare budget reports to justify expenditures. English Language — Knowledge of the structure and content of the English language including the meaning and spelling of words, rules of composition, and grammar. Candidates with a bachelor’s degree in training and development, education, human resources, computer science, or instructional design, and with experience in training and development, particularly on-line and mobile training and development programs, will have the best prospects.

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