Top Sage Resellers Directory Top Sage Resellers Directory A listing on creates an opportunity to get our FOM add-on solution some added exposure to both the Sage customers and partners were trying to reach. Past News Releases Reaches… Aliso Viejo, CA (PRWEB) October 17, 2016, an online directory of Sage partners and independent software vendors (ISVs), has announced the addition of The Financial Operations Management (FOM) System to their lineup of integrated Sage Add-on solutions . The FOM System works hand-in-hand with Sage 300 to streamline and improve everyday activities like financial, operational, and budgeting processes., best known for its comprehensive listing of top Sage partners and support providers across North America, is also home to a select list of developer enhancements and integrated add-on solutions that extend the core Sage ERP and CRM applications. Mike Tsirogiannis, Founder of The Financial Operations Management System, says he was drawn to the idea of participating in an online community that provides a one-stop shop for all things Sage. My attraction to the site is the idea and philosophy of bringing together both prospective and existing customers with Sage partners and add-on solutions in one convenient spot. For us, it also creates an opportunity to get our FOM add-on solution exposure to both the Sage customers and partners were trying to reach. The FOM System refines the Sage 300 experience and improves performance in a lot of small ways that collectively make a huge difference in efficiency. In short, it provides one single portal to access, edit, and distribute multiple company reports, saving time and keystrokes. In addition, The FOM system manages budgeting that automatically updates the Sage 300 general ledger, provides alerts of important changes in modules, and leverages extensive user permissions and security. Visit to learn more.

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