Newsletter Signup The results of this study were not available to the agency until after the original public comment period had closed. Public hearing testimony noted potentially significant exposures at medical waste treatment facilities handling medical wastes that had not been decontaminated before coming to the facility. At the time of the hearings, NIOSH was conducting a Health Hazard Evaluation at a medical waste treatment facility to evaluate such exposure. That final evaluation was completed after the close of the public comment period. OSHA is also seeking additional information and comment on the feasibility of including TB and AIDS clinics, parole and probation officers, and all social service workers within the scope of a final standard. The entire TB rulemaking record, including the new documents, is available for review and copying at OSHA’s Docket Office, Room N-2625, OSHA, US Department of Labor, 200 Constitution Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20210. The Docket Office phone number is 202-693-2350. People wishing to comment on the new documents should send their comments to the Docket Office and specify they are for Docket No. H-371.

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If he asks for my advice, I’d say: ‘Don’t do the decathlon anymore.’ “There’s more ways to screw it up anyway. Since 2011, when he was second [at the World Championships], he hasn’t lost a decathlon. That doesn’t happen. That’s like going out and shooting birdies every time in golf. That doesn’t happen, right? You’re always going to knock one into the woods. “He could be a great pole vaulter. “He jumped 26″ 1′ (7.90 metres) in this meet [in the long jump]. You know how many long jumps hes taken since May 20? One.

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