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Sports - ASU Red Wolves (White) “Uh I think its (laughter) I think it’s been good, um I think in the spring everybody was hesitant with Coach Faulkner at first getting here but after going through the summer running PRP’s and this being the second day I think this being the second day, I think we are playing pretty fast.” It wasn’t long before Voytik turned this interview into a Ron Burgundy moment. I’m still manning the camera, fighting back laughter. “So the kid behind you right now, the little six-foot guy is he like a knat? Is he annoying? What’s your impression of him so far? I would say a knat is a good way to put it, umm speaking on Chad Voytik, umm, how do you spell knat?” doing a great job playing Abbott to Votik’s Costello. Maybe the roles are reserved, either way they had the attention of everyone around. “We’re not going to worry…, V-O-Y-T-I-K or something like that but umm, I just hope he sleeps with one eye open. Okay, wow, so he should fear for his life right now?” “You said that, I didn’t,” a straight-faced Hansen replied. medical interview iscAnd Voytik takes us home, signing off in a way not even Ron Burgundy could do better.

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