job negotiation

On the business level, start expressing your grievances surrounding the whole guest star/co-star issue to your union, so that when contracts come up for negotiation, SAG-AFTRA presents a strong united front. On the creative levelthere is hope! Here are two things you can do that will help you not only get a job but have a career. Do what you do better than anyone Every actor knows the potentially huge upside of making their own shows, movies and/or web series. Networks and studios have full-time departments that exist to find new talent on YouTube and other publicly sourced media outlets. But since everyone can make their own content, it means that everyone isand most of it is awful. is the key. It doesnt matter how compelling your performance is, if the writing is bad they wont watch. And dont assume that because you can act, you can write. Learn to write or hire a solid writer. Also, the stronger the writing the more likely you are to attract better quality people for the other jobs. Established directors respond to good writing and you may be surprised at who you can get.

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Salary Negotiation Guide — Extensive tips and strategies for approaching a renegotiation of your salary, benefits, etc. Consider these three needs: Individual needs. more info hereYou could be saving yourself a lot of headaches down the road by putting in a few extra minutes of reading time now. Consider the following questions: What are you looking for in terms of pay, working conditions, and other considerations? If you have no justification for a demand, it may be unwise to make it. Identify your own salary needs according to your household budget. Or, a software company might pay its programmers above market because their skills are so scarce. Don’t budge. Thus, a more likely scenario might actually be stressful, with a job seeker receiving a very good offer from Company A and needing to respond quickly, while still only in the second round of interviews for Company B.

job negotiation

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